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  • Prism initiates consideration of a project by best defining those financial and operational objectives which will have the most significant impact on overall project profitability. Once a strategy maximizing the profit potential of a development is identified, initial feasibility studies and the intricacies of development budgeting, scheduling and land acquisition are undertaken with a comprehensive and professional review of current development techniques, product types and financial strategies

    Strategic planning services incorporate short- and long-range property goals in response to the following areas required to initiate development projects:
    »  Site and building development programming
    »  Strategic planning encompassing economics, location and market studies
    »  Investigation and/or procurement of city entitlement

    The spectrum of development services the firm provides includes:
    »  Defining operational objectives and requirements
    »  Creating financial projections and pro forma analysis
    »  Budgeting, scheduling and quality control
    »  Structuring and negotiating financial elements for capital requirements
    »  Selecting, coordinating and managing professional third party consultants
    »  Developing and implementing project marketing and leasing strategies
    »  Portfolio management advisory services to maximize property values

  • Prism conceives, refines and implements various investment vehicles and strategies for specific assets allowing for prudent opportunities in selected markets. The firm excels at matching institutional-grade real estate opportunities with a profitable return profile through its experience in structuring joint ventures and securing participating and convertible debt.

    Investment planning services offered by the company include:
    »  Identifying properties consistent with institutional investment criteria
    »  Selecting and evaluating investment opportunities
    »  Developing and refining investment strategies

    Prism’s financing advisory services include:
    »  Actively proceeding as ownership’s advocate
    »  Coordinating all aspects of financing from capital sources
    »  Assuming responsibility for all financial negotiations
    »  Directing due diligence activities
    »  Controlling the closing process

  • Prism Development Company provides consulting and project management services for design and construction disciplines to help aid the delivery of projects on time and within budget. The professional expertise of the principals assures quality control, critical path schedule conformance, and maintenance of budgetary limits, while providing development continuity.

    From initial concept plans to final completion of construction, the firm directs, administers and coordinates the entire design and construction process.

    Design and construction services provided include:
    »  Defining operational objectives and requirements
    »  Coordinating design team activities
    »  Monitoring the development of construction documentation
    »  Developing general construction and specialized FF&E budgets.
    »  Developing the construction schedule
    »  Selecting contractors and overseeing the preparation of bid packages
    »  Evaluating bid responses and participating in contract negotiations
    »  Administrating the construction phase
    »  Supervising the purchasing agent and overseeing the installation of the FF&E.
    »  Furnishing monthly reports and making regular site visits
    »  Maintaining strict controls to help assure substantial completion necessary to obtain occupancy
    »  Coordinating project close-out requirements

  • Prism provides asset management consulting services which assist building owners and management companies in understanding, planning and implementing the ongoing maintenance and evaluation of commercial real estate.

    In this area, services include:
    »  Acquisition and disposition strategies
    »  Evaluation and analysis of major building components and systems
    »  Due diligence inspections and evaluations
    »  Project management and resources to supplement in-house technical staff

    Our asset management team draws upon the cumulative experience gained from administering over 10 million square feet of space to provide complete real estate management services for Prism’s projects and other institutionally-owned commercial and residential properties.

    Prism implements strict procedures related to strategic management, budgeting, tenant relations, property inspections, and leasing/retention, which are critical to the enhancement of property values and assure the highest returns on every investment.